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At this time, we are not accepting new rescues


          Welcome to Pom Mom Rescue. We are a Pomeranian rescue and sanctuary located in Spring Hill, Florida. Our specialty are Poms that are considered unadoptable due to age, illness, or temperment.

          Our sanctuary sits upon almost an acre of property and has over 3,000 square feet of space to accommodate our play, rehabilitation, and living areas. Our dogs are provided with food, shelter, medical care, and all the pleasures of life.  

          We attempt to rehabilitate all the dogs that enter the rescue.Dogs are routinely evaluated to determine adoptability.  Many of our dogs are able to be adopted and make great pets. If it is determined that a dog is unadoptable, then they have a permanent home at our sanctuary. They will remain in our care where they will receive comfort, happiness and love for the rest of their days. 

           If you are interested in helping Pom Mom Rescue, please click on "Contact Us and Donate."  Supplies, food and financial considerations are always appreciated by our "children."

Learn about the Core Crew of Poms who meet and greet all the rescues.

We love to socialize!

Let us know about your next dog-friendly event and we will attend. The kids love to meet new people and 4-legged friends.

Just email us with your event information and I will post your event here.


See Ya There!

If anyone has ideas for fundraising, please let us know.


We are an official 501c3 organization. 


Use the contact section to email or just give me a call!

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