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General Information

          All dogs that enter the Rescue are brought up to date on vaccines and spayed/neutered if necessary. They live in a home with other pomeranians. Their medical/health review includes a heart-worm test, intestinal worm test, health check up, dental check up and overall review. They are then evaluated for socialization skills. Once the evaluation is complete, they will be put up for adoption or remain at the rescue. Dogs that remain at the rescue are not adoptable due to behavioral issues or age. They enter the Senior Senter and Santuary. At some time in the future, should the circumstances change, they will be placed in the adoption area.
All expenses are paid by Pom Mom. Currently we do not receive funds from fundraising or other sources.Donations are greatly appreciated. Monetary or items are accepted. 
Adoption Information

Adoptions are based upon a first email basis. You must sent an email which will be date stamped. 


We require 2 home visits and/or background check. We also need a vet reference.  The first home visit is a meet and greet between you and the dog.  If everything is approved, the second home visit is when the pom will be left in your care.

We will provide copies of all our vet receipts to you upon adoption.




Once my child, always my child


These dogs are my children.  They live free in my home, and sleep on my bed.  They are my family.  I ask that if, for whatever reason, that the dog be returned should circumstances change in your life.  Even if they are 14 years of age, just return them to their mom. Do not let them go to the shelter, or be rehomed to a stranger.  Remember, once my child, always my child. My door is ALWAYS open to my children.

Group Shots


Click below and see my kidsl







Check out our videos on You Tube, if your not able to view them here!


Look for:      pommom1000

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