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Kenya was an owner surrender. Her owner had passed away and the family could not keep her. She was a bit over weight. She was brought up-to-date on shots, place on flea/tick/heartworm meds and had a dental. She lost 6 teeth. She already had some missing teeth so in total she is missing 18 teeth. We have her on a slight diet by reducing her food intake.
Kenya was adopted on January 1, 2015, by a very active senior lady. They are buddies who will be traveling North America by living in Florida during the winter and Canada during the summer.




​Turbo was an owner surrender. His family could not care for him. 

Turbo was born with a birth defect. A portion of his front shoulder did not form correctly causing one front leg to be shorter than the other. He walks with a limp. 

But this limp does not stop Turbo from being a puppy. He loves to play. 

Turbo was adopted by a couple who are so happy to be his new mom and dad. And Turbo is feeling wonderful that he is getting all the attention.



Shadow was an owner surrender in February 2014. He was suffering from massive hair loss and itching. After a vet visit, Shadow was having flea issues. He was put on flea and tick medication, given regular medicated baths and, of course, shaved down so all his fur can grow together.


Shadow was adopted by a couple who have a new brother for him to play with. And, they are around the same age!


Shadow will be getting the attention he deserves from him new Mom and Dad who just love Pomeranians and their wonderful personalities.

Success 3 !

Issac was an owner surrender. His owner had entered a nursing home and needed to find a suitable rescue for him. He was a bit over weight. He was brought up-to-date on shots, and place on flea/tick/heartworm meds. He needed to have kidney stone surgery 2 days after entering the rescue. 
Issac was adopted on September 12, 2015 by a young couple who have such great plans for him. They take him everywhere they go, especially watching college football parties!



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