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Betsy Ross


We adopted Betsy Ross from Hillsborough County Animal Services right after we got our non-profit status from the state. She was a hound mix that was less than a year old. (not a pom!)  After one week, she was adopted by a family with children who had a 14 year old dog.  We forgot to take pictures so this statement is all I have for her.



Bear was acquired from his owner in June of 2012. They stated he was a pomeranian but after review, he was a German Spitz. He was about 9 months old. 


Bear was adopted in September of 2012 by a couple that lived in Tampa. Bear is doing great according to his new mom and dad.



Coco was acquired from his owner in January of 2013. We were told that he was 8 years old but he acted like 2. He was such a happy boy, always smiling. He definitedly was a large size pom at 15 lbs. 


He was quickly adopted by a lovely female in Tampa, who spoils him.



Muppet was acquired from Hernando County Animal Shelter in February 2013. He received a dental where he lost all but 4 teeth. He had a very bad nasal issue which was treated. After having him about 3 weeks, his REAL mom contacted me and told me he was stolen from there yard. Muppet was returned back to his owner. He was my baby for a month!

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